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That’s what I collect, that’s what I research.

My names is Steve Dillon.  I am the owner of Dillon Music, a music store which deals in high end brass and woodwinds.  We also deal in antique/vintage instruments and are known the world over for our extensive inventory and extensive knowledge.

But historic fifes have become my passion.

About 10 years ago I purchased my first fife and the rest is history.

I also at the same time started being a re-enactor, thus I am the fifer for the 2nd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army, the same position my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, William Dillon held.

When I got into the “hobby” I found that many questions surrounded what a Revolutionary War fife should look like, thus I start my journey to answer the question.

While researching this I found that there were many “fife myths” that have been floating around for years, thus I expanded my research, in order to understand all the makers and times periods that these instruments were produced, I started to collect, thus the purpose of this site.

It is a place to share information with people and to be of help to those that have questions.

Fife Cheaters

On this site be dealing with all those “facts” that have been floating around the fife world for years, so stay tuned, sit back and enjoy!

Ask questions if the need strikes you, as I am always happy to be of service.

Lexington Historical Society

Do I have all the answers?

Nope, not even near, but I will tell you this:

I question everything, as I look for the truth in what was made and what was used during different time periods, so my opinions can change from time to time as more and more information comes to light.

Welcome to the Fife Museum!