​Cahusac Family

Place of business: London, England.

Dates of business: 1738-1816.*

*Note: Per Langwill, (The Cahusac Family comprised of Thomas Sr. and his sons, Thomas Jr., William and Maurice. The mark “Cahusac London” appears to have been common to all members of the family, thus rendering precise attributions impossible.”)

This fife is marked: Cahusac/London/Woodward/Birmingham*

*Michael Woodward was a musical instrument dealer in Birmingham, England circa 1780-1817.


Length of Instrument: 15 1/4 in

Wood: Appears to be Boxwood

Key of Instrument: C

Finger Holes: The finger holes are not of the same size, they are more like a woodwind maker of the era would have used.

The spacing on the holes is as follows: 

This shows that the hole pattern is not even, and there is a very large space between the 3rd and 4th holes, and a small space between the 4th and 5th.

Swell: Swell comes at the embouchure hole.

Ferrules: Brass/seamed/2 + 2 scoring. 

Note: This instrument at one time had an extra key which was removed.