Courtesy of David Dooks

Mark on fife: (unicorn head) Milligan/London

Place of business: London , England

Dates of business: No information available. Langwill states 2 nd quarter 19 th century.**

Addresses of business:*

*Per Langwill, Not listed in directories.

**Dr Arnold Myers, Director of the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments , feels that this maker might date from the latter part of the 18 th century.


Length of Instrument -the fife is 14 1/8 inches.

Wood -the instrument is made of boxwood.

Key of instrument -C.

Finger Holes -seem to be the same size.

The spacing on the holes is as follows: (measurements are approximate)

This shows that the hole pattern is not even.

Swell -the swell on this instrument comes at the embouchure hole.

Ferrules – Ferrules are made of brass, scored with the following: Top ferrule has 1+2+1 scoring. Bottom ferrule has the same. Top ferrule is 1 inch in length; bottom is the same.