Samuel Graves

Place of business: Winchester , NH

Dates of business: 1824-1869*

* Per Langwill/1869 Samuel Graves, together with his sons, George M. and William, joined with E.G Wright, H. Esbach and Hartman to form the Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory; 1870 Samuel retired, disabled by a stroke. The Boston Company continued until 1919/22, when purchased by Cundy-Bettoney. According to Eliason, Graves was the earliest large scale woodwind manufacturer in America . ( Graves was also a maker of brass instruments.)


Date of Fife : 1830-1850

Length of Instrument -the fife is 17 3/8 inch.

Wood -the instrument is made of rosewood.

Key of instrument -Bb.

Finger Holes -seem to be all of the same size.

The spacing on the holes is as follows:


Swell -the swell on this instrument comes right at the embouchure hole.

Ferrules – Nickel/Seamed

 Cat Number 29