Walking Stick Fife

Place of business: Unknown.

Dates of Fife: 1888

This fife is marked: J. White 1888 W McQ

Other examples of walking stick fifes/flutes can be found in the Dayton Miller Flute Collection, and well as other museum and private collections.

Length of Instrument-the fife is 14 1/2 inches, between nickel silver “ferrules”. Full length of walking stick, 35 inches.

Wood-the instrument is made of, what looks to be, Rosewood.

Key of instrument-C.

Finger holes-The finger holes are not of the same size, they are more like a woodwind maker of the era would have used.

The spacing on the holes is as follows: 

There is a 7th hole that is drilled off center of the rest. Works well with the pinky of the right hand.

Ferrules- Ferrules are made of nickel silver. The bottom seems to be seam stock, the top does not.